Project for Gujranwala Motorway Link to finish in 90 Days

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The Gujranwala Motorway Link, a Rs. 11 billion project that will connect the city with the highway, has started construction. The 600,000 citizens of the city would benefit greatly from the project, which is expected to be finished in 90 days.

It entails building a 58.1-kilometer road segment, complete with two flyovers, to link Gujranwala with an interchange close to Mooramanabad.

The motorway won’t be shut down while work is underway, according to Gujranwala’s Deputy Commissioner (DC), Fayyaz Aslam, and the project would be finished as soon as feasible.

For Gujranwala, which is currently not connected to the highway, it is being welcomed as a significant development. The new connection will increase regional economic activity and give locals easier, quicker access to other regions of the nation.

The National Highways and Motorways Authority (NHA) is carrying out the project, which is sponsored by the Punjabi government.

According to the NHA, the road would be constructed to the highest standards and offer a secure connection between Gujranwala and the interstate.


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