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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Prominent journalist’s ‘pro-fascism’ comments spark anger

Hassan Nisar had said country needed 15 years of dictatorship, those who mention democracy be shot

Recent comments made by journalist Hassan Nisar have sparked anger over social media with many demanding he be taken off air and banned.

In a recent television talk show, Nisar said that the country needed 15 years of dictatorial and fascist rule instead of democracy.

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He went on to say that anyone who dared to mention democracy must be put in front of a firing squad and their family must be made to pay for the bullets.


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Many across Twitter took to the platform to voice their concern over Nisar’s statements. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Member of Provincial Assembly Samar Haroon Bilour said that it was people like Hassan Nisar who claim to know everything, which has led to things being where they were.

Journalist Maria Amir said that it was good that Nisar had openly expressed his views and outed himself as a fascist.

Another journalist Bilal Farooqi said that he had lost all respect he had for Nisar and was disappointed to see what he had become.

Activist Nida Kirmani also voiced her concern, saying that it was ironic that the journalist called for execution of people supporting democracy and it was deemed acceptable, but people who actually point out human rights issues were locked up.


Another activist Ammar Ali Jan pointed out that people like Hassan Nisar present dictatorship as something that had not been tested before and held all solutions to Pakistan’s problems. He said Nisar demanded more violence.


Another journalist Hasan Zaydi said that he was surprised that Nisar had not been put off air as he would have been in other countries.

Researcher Harris Zahoor Gondal elaborated that Nisar catered to a superiority complex among the general public. He said the journalist had no substance and should not have been taken seriously in the first place.




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