Protester in Sweden cancels plan to burn Torah, Gospel after Quran desecration

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A 32-year-old man in Stockholm, Sweden, who initially planned to burn a Torah and Gospel, has decided not to go ahead with his protest.

Contrary to what was reported earlier, his intention was not to burn the holy books but rather to denounce those who burn sacred texts like the Holy Quran in Sweden.

The Swedish police had granted him a permit for a protest that included burning the Torah and Gospel outside the Israeli embassy, which drew condemnation from Israeli representatives and Jewish organizations.

The organizer, Ahmad A, who is of Syrian origin and resides in Sweden, clarified that he wanted to criticize those who have desecrated copies of the Holy Quran in the country. He emphasized the need to respect each other and the limits of freedom of expression.

The incidents of burning the Holy Quran by right-wing extremists and an Iraqi refugee in Sweden triggered condemnations worldwide. Although burning holy books is not prohibited by Swedish law, the police can refuse permission for a demonstration if it poses a security threat or incites racial hatred.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office condemned the permission granted for burning holy books, emphasizing the need for respect, harmony, and peaceful coexistence among religions and cultures. They called on the international community to condemn such acts of religious hatred.