PTA received over 15,000 objections about telecoms in May: report

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in May 2023 received 14,945 complaints from consumers against various cellular and telecom companies, of which 14,858 (99.4%) were handled.

PTCL, long-distance international (LDI), wireless local loop (WLL), and internet service providers (ISPs) were among the telecom companies that received complaints in May, according to official data.

Cellular mobile operators (CMOs) were also the target of complaints.

A sizable portion of the total telecom subscriber base is made up of cellular mobile subscribers. Most complaints are thus related to this group. By May, there had been 14,332 complaints made against CMOs, of which 14,286 (99.7%) had been resolved.

Data from the PTA shows that 6,158 complaints were made against Jazz, 6,153 of which (99.9%) were settled. Additionally, 2,416 complaints were made against Telenor, and 2,414 (99.9%) of them were settled.

Similarly to this, 4,276 complaints were made against Zong, and 4,256 (99.5 percent) of them were resolved. Ufone was the subject of 1480 complaints in total, 1461 of which (98.7%) were handled.

Additionally, 140 complaints about basic telephone were received by the PTA; 130 of those complaints were resolved in May, for a resolution rate of 92.9 percent. Furthermore, 429 (93.9 percent) of the 457 complaints made against ISPs were resolved.