PTA resolved 98.7% of consumer complaints in the last 12 months

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has responded to 98.7% of consumer complaints in the past 12 months.

In accordance with the material made accessible to ProPakistani, PTA has rectified 37% of the complaints it has received overall. 37.4% of customer complaints were handled by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, while 7.2% were only partially resolved.

The report states that 12.3% of all complaints received by the authority lacked all necessary details. Due to inaccurate information and other factors, PTA decreased 4.8% of complaints. In the previous two years, the authority responded to 99.5 percent of consumer complaints. Out of the 397,197 complaints received between 2012 and 2013, PTA has resolved 399,232 of them.

The document claims that the PTA resolved all of the concerns it had last year. Out of the 218,630 complaints received in 2021–2022, PTA responded to 218,630 of them. Out of 180,602 complaints, the authority reportedly responded to 178,549 of them in 2022–2023.

In order to address public complaints, the authority is actively active on the Prime Minister’s portal. The Pakistan Citizen Portal’s complaint redressal rate for PTA is 99.4%. 60 percent of citizens are satisfied with PTA’s answer according to the PM citizen portal.