PTI can’t pressurize by false accusations, Naqvi rejects Bilal’s death in police custody

Bilal brought to hospital in PTI worker’s car, driver shaved off beard to hide identity, says IG Punjab

Interim Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has denied the allegations of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter Ali Bilal’s murder in police custody. He said that he could not be brought under pressure in this way and won’t surrender upon false accusations.

Speaking to journalists in a press conference with Inspector General Punjab Police Usman Anwar he said that first he was blamed of conspiring against PTI and now they had blamed him of involvement in the murder. He said that they will not bar anyone from politics everyone had lied despite the fact that they knew about the incident.

He said that Ali Bilal’s father was offered Rs10 million to stand with PTI’s false narrative. He said that fake allegations were lamented upon him and Punjab Police, adding that he will not take revenge of accusations leveled upon him but police will investigate to bring the true culprits behind bars.

Naqvi said that Ali Bilal was not killed due to torture in police custody. He said that there was an incident on March 8 in which it was said that a political worker had died and it was blamed that the PTI’s worker died due to custodial torture but that was not the truth. He said that there was no such instruction of torture upon political workers.

Interim CM Punjab said that Ali Bilal was killed after accident with PTI worker Raja Shakeel who had informed PTI Punjab leader Yasmin Rashid about the accident at 8:30 pm in the evening and also went to Zaman Park the next day with her.

Naqvi said that driver Jahanzeb had a beard at the time of the accident but that was later shaved to hide identity. He said that Zubair Niazi was also informed about the accident. He said that he did not want to speak but false accusations were lamented upon him.

IG Punjab Usman Anwar said that Police had started investigation immediately over the incident. He said that Police started investigation after the statement of Ali Bilal’s father had come on media. He told that Ali Bilal was brought to Services Hospital Lahore in a black color car and a video of the incident was got from CCTV cameras.

Anwar said that the black car that brought the dead body of Ali Bilal to Services Hospital belonged to PTI’s Central Punjab worker Raja Shakeel and the name of the driver was Jahanzeb. He said that police will successfully complete the investigation to bring the real accused answerable before law. He said that Liaqat Ali, Bilal’s father, will be informed about every fact that will come forward during the investigation.

IG Punjab further said that the car was recovered from Waris Khan Road after utilizing videos of more than 31 CCTV cameras. He said that the car had hit Ali Bilal near Fortress Stadium Lahore and there were blood stains on the car. He said that they will reply top each and every video on social media.

Anwar also told that the police had planned to arrest the violent, if any, PTI workers and then release them after some time to control law and order situation.

PTI worker Ali Bilal was killed two days ago when PTI had announced to carry on a rally to start their election campaign. PTI had alleged that Bilal was killed in police custody due to torture.

There have been circulating many videos on social media regarding Bilal’s presence in police van after his arrest.