PTI chairman lost first round but the fight was good, Fahd Hussain

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman has lost the first round but it has to be believed that they have done a good fight, Fahd Hussain has said.

Special adviser to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Fahd Hussain on public policy and strategic communication has used sports metaphors to describe the defeat of PTI in the first round.

He has further stated that as a sportsman Imran Khan knew that defeat was a win. Addressing PTI Chairman he stated that he should prepare for the next round instead of getting too disappointed.

In a series of tweets, Fahd stated that the elections will be held on time.

Fahd has further tweeted that it was what happened when the PTI chairman decided to play the game by considering the whole twenty-over power play and as a result, the entire team was sitting in the pavilion in the 10th over. He stated that now let’s see how much their bowlers have but just don’t panic.

He has also tweeted that PTI should learn from this first-round defeat as this was a good opportunity. He stated that thankfully the people of the party have broken the fast of silence. PTI is an important party and it has capable people. He has stated that they can play better in the next innings

Fahd Hussain has appreciated that undoubtedly PTI made a good noise and has the skills to do great things. He stated that the narrative was also well-crafted they didn’t just know how to run the country.

He has also advised that after this defeat PTI should focus on policy-making – it is a good thing to come to work. According to him, people of PTI have explained to Khan that his own party’s reputation has been weak in trying to weaken the establishment and they lost politically so take a good U-turn and extend the hand of friendship. If you accept the mistake as a mistake, then it can be remedied.


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