PTI decides to end Jeffrey Robertson’s services

Earlier PTI announced Jeffrey Robertson as Imran Khan's attorney for the PTI Chairman

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Downtown Street Chamber has deleted the tweet regarding Jeffrey Robertson’s appointment as Imran Khan’s attorney, and they confirmed that the tweet was removed this morning at the client’s request.

Under significant pressure, PTI removed tweets from their Twitter handle and instructed Jeffrey Robertson’s Downtown Street Chamber to delete their tweets as well.

PTI had initially disclosed Jeffrey Robertson’s services to handle the party chairman’s case at the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

According to Jeffrey Robertson’s chambers, an initial payment of £25,000 was made for preliminary discussions on the case, and Downtown Street Chamber stated that they are waiting for instructions to proceed with the case. The initial transaction was conducted in London by a party leader.

Zulfi Bukhari filed a lawsuit in London just three days ago, indicating that there would soon be major news about taking the party chairman’s case to an international level. In front of more than a dozen journalists, he announced that they are initiating significant legal actions.

According to reports, Zulfi Bukhari has informed Jeffrey Robertson that they will discuss and update him regarding his services.

Reports further revealed that the decision to engage Jeffrey Robertson was made after consultation between Umar Ayoob, Zulfi Bukhari, and Imran Khan. Meetings between Jeffrey Robertson, Umar Ayoob, and Zulfi Bukhari were held to discuss the details.

After obtaining permission from Imran Khan, Zulfi Bukhari contacted Jeffrey Robertson, with close sources to Zulfi Bukhari claiming that they will advocate for the PTI Chairman globally.

Amid criticism, Imran Khan terminated him just 10 days after hiring Rashed Yaqoob’s services to take his case to an international level, and PTI enlisted Jeffrey Robertson’s services.

In response to this, Rashed Yaqoob stated, “My services were procured directly by the Chairman and party leaders. Perhaps that’s why I was let go because I am Pakistani.”

He mentioned that Jeffrey Robertson’s services were enlisted after his, but now even they have been terminated.”

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