PTI ends protests in Rawalpindi, few roads are still blocked

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday put an end to the majority of demonstrations in the area of Rawalpindi but kept up their main demonstration, which blocked the road to Islamabad.

The old airport Road demonstration was one of the more significant ones that ended.

PTI leader Fayyazul Hassan Chauhan told the media that the call for a 72-hour protest has ended and that they are wrapping up their protest.

He continued by pointing out how peaceful and non-violent their protest was by the fact that not a single plant leaf fell off throughout this time.

Additionally, Murree road shops were unaffected, according to Chauhan.

He declared that Imran Khan and his adherents “believe in the idea of peace and pacifism.”

The party and its members started a peaceful march, he said, but attempts were made to violently disrupt it.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the police protection and traffic closures caused by PTI workers are hurting the public and patients are finding it difficult to reach hospitals.

He said PTI supporters have placed chairs on roads against the police’s directives.

The Interior Minister said that we do not want any conflict but there is a fear that the people will now start holding Imran’s followers accountable.

He also appealed to the local leaders of the PML-N and the members of the Assembly to play their role in helping the people out of these difficulties.


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