PTI facing ‘reign of terror’, says Imran Khan

Top leadership incarcerated, they are granted bail and as soon as they come out are detained again, interview with DW Asia

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan claimed on Thursday that his party was experiencing a “reign of terror” in reference to the detention of his high and middle-ranking party officials and supporters.

Imran said that his party has been facing an unprecedented crackdown in his interview with DW Asia, after the Punjab government’s 24-hour ultimatum for his party to turn over “terrorists” purportedly seeking asylum at his home expired.

“My top leadership is all incarcerated. They are granted bail by the judge, and as soon as they leave the court or jail, they are detained again. He said “we are currently living in a regime of terror.” Imran said that while there was still police presence in the area, they weren’t as many as they were last night.

Imran Khan asked that who was wanting to fight with their own army.

Speaking to journalists in Zaman Park, he said that the PTI members leaving the party were under immense pressure. He questioned the legal standing of caretaker governments.

PTI Chairman said that even if he will be left alone, he will not abandon fight for ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’. He said “eliminating Imran and banning PTI is part of London plan”. He reiterated that everything was planned. He said that he was convinced that May 9 riots were part of organized conspiracy.

Former prime minister also said that any option other than elections will lead to destruction. Upon question about the people leaving PTI he conveyed his sympathies with those leaving the party.

Condemning party members resisting ‘extreme pressure’ to quit PTI, Imran said that the Punjab police were planning to bring 30-40 people, ‘accuse me for harboring terrorists’: Imran

PTI Chairman had, earlier today, said in a message on twitter demanded an immediate inquiry over the police firing at the unarmed protestors. He said that only an independent investigation will justify and show that the firing on unarmed protestors and then the crackdown was pre planned.

Nation taken over by crooks devoid of ethics/morality, says Imran Khan

When the Punjab police’s deadline for turning over “terrorists” expired at 2:00 pm today, the police shut all access roads to Zaman Park.

The former prime minister had said on Wednesday that police had surrounded his home and that he anticipated being taken into custody shortly.

In another development, the police have blocked all road access to Zaman Park. However, according to sources the evidence was being collected for presence of terrorists in the Zaman Park.

Nine terrorists were detained in the day, the police told.

To apprehend the “terrorists” purportedly holed up inImran Khan’s Zaman Park residence, the Punjab Police may undertake a “grand operation.” A sizable law enforcement personnel is present.

As deadline ends, grand operation against terrorists residing at Zaman Park expected


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