PTI leadership condemns Punjab police raid at Zaman Park

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf senior leader Fawad Chaudhry said that Article 14 allowed the right to move to every Pakistani but the PTI leadership failed to reach Zaman Park. He condemned the police operation in Zaman Park.

While talking to the media along with other senior members of PTI, Fawad said that the fascist government had taken all rights away from the people of Pakistan. He also mentioned the rise of inflation in the country and the priorities of the PDM government.

“They want to arrest Imran khan as he is the voice of independent Pakistan, “Fawad said, adding, “Imran khan’s wife was only present at home and police entered after breaking doors and walls. Imran’s sister was also there and servants working there were also taken into custody. Everything is recorded on video.”

Fawad while talking about Maryam Nawaz said that “a woman that has never won a counselor election is ordering everyone, she said in an interview that it is important to arrest Imran khan. Everyone is working on her agenda.”

He also hoped that seasoned politicians in PPP and PML-N would condemn what happened in Zaman Park. He stated that everyone knew what the IGP would say in the press conference and that the police had violated Lahore high court orders.

“It was decided that TORs will be made between the government and PTI. A search warrant was subjected to mutual understanding between two parties in LHC but it was violated.”

“Imran went to court upon being asked by the court and police raided his home illegally.” He mentioned that the whole of Pakistan is like Palestine right now with no constitution. “We have filed a petition in LHC for contempt of court and nominated IGP, CCPO Lahore.”

PTI leader Shireen Mazari said that this was state terrorism and has been executed as the ‘London Plan.’ Everyone has seen what the police have done in Zaman Park, they entered with weapons as if they were going to war, she said. Mazari asked what the point of doing this was and that where Pakistan was heading to.

Hammad Azhar said that this government was full of hatred and driven by political revenge. “Social media was full of exposing how weapons were brought from outside. Reporters have said that there was no such thing. Police didn’t allow journalists to go in and discover weapons out of nowhere.”

He said that PTI believed in rule of law and always acted under the constitution and to call us terrorists is baseless. We never acted against the rule of law. “The anger in the country is rising after this operation by police,” he added.

Hammad concluded by stating that, “We are looking for options to take actions against this act in court but whatever we will do it will be done as per the constitution.”


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