PTI power show at Minar-e-Pakistan on Wednesday

    Imran Khan bashes caretaker Punjab government and IG, says game getting away from everyone’s hands

    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has asked the judiciary to take action on illegal raid at his Zaman park residence and against the stoppage of his party from carrying out political campaign after the announcement of election date.

    PTI Chairman, addressing through video link, announced to hold his party gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan on Wednesday. He said that his party was not allowed to conduct political election campaigns, their previous rallies were stopped twice. Now despite announcement of political gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan it has not been allowed.

    Former prime minister bashed the caretaker Punjab government for their action at his residence at Zaman Park Lahore. He said that sanctity was violated and the police force entered their illegally at the residence where his wife, who is not any political figure, was alone there with some servants.

    Imran Khan said that his household employees were tortured and arrested along with few PTI workers illegally. He announced to go to Lahore High Court over the incident. He said that everybody who entered his residence will be nominated in the case.

    He said that the game was going away from hands of everyone. He said that he alone will not be able to control his followers and in case of such hostile activities to suppress a political party would lead to further unrest.

    Imran Khan said that the police entered his residence without search warrant. He said that despite the fact that nobody had denied to allow the police to enter they broke the gate and walls of house.

    He said that the search warrant was issued by ATC court that had clearly stated that the Investigative Officer and a lady police official of inspector rank were allowed to enter for search and investigation but brute force was applied.

    PTI Chairman also mentioned the previous order of a high court judge in which the court had termed TORs that a police officer accompanied with two PTI’s nominees will come for investigation, but the high court order was kept hidden from ATC magistrate. He said that law was completely violated.

    He also bashed the Punjab Inspector General by saying that he had blatantly lied on media about the facts of the raid at his residence.

    Imran Khan also said that there was clear attempt of his arrest or assassination yesterday during his appearance before the court for attendance. He said that every effort was made to provoke his supporters, tear gas and other hostile tactics were used and the judge later admitted his attendance from inside the car.

    He said that PTI had clearly objected the appointment of current caretaker government of CM Punjab and other police officers. He said that they will nominate Mohsin Naqvi and IG Punjab Usman Anwar in Zille Shah’s murder case.

    former prime minister demanded the courts to take action for implementation of rule of law. He said that he knew that powerful would pressurize the judges but showed hope that the decisions will be made on basis of Constitution and law.


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