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PTI reverses its position over timing of Elahi’s PA trust vote

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has changed his mind and decided to delay the trust vote, which would be taken by Chief Minister Parvez Elahi, pending a court verdict on the governor’s order for a vote of confidence in the Punjab Assembly.

In contrast to his earlier assertions, Khan decided against holding a vote of confidence before the Lahore High Court hearing on January 11.

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The PML-Q leader and former federal minister Moonis Elahi asked the PTI chairman to wait for the court order even though the PTI chairman had also sent a delegation to the chief minister’s residence on December 24 to persuade Elahi.

The Punjab Chief Minister also argued that the governor’s order was against the law and the Constitution and that passing a vote of confidence would essentially legitimize the said order while publicly opposing Imran Khan’s position.

The former premier took offense to the statement and responded by threatening to call on all of his party’s lawmakers to resign if obstacles were put in the way of the assembly’s dissolution.

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The former prime minister addressed the political climate with the Punjab ministers during a consultative meeting at his Zaman Park residence on Saturday, and it appears he concluded that his advisors were not providing him with “sane counsel” over the trust vote.

It was decided that the trust vote would not be on the assembly’s agenda for its session on January 9.


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