PTI senator Dr. Zarqa Taimour’s clinic shuts downs due to license and hygienic issues

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On Wednesday, the health department team in Punjab took action by sealing Senator Dr. Zarqa’s clinic.

The reason for the closure was twofold: firstly, the clinic did not possess the required license from the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC), and secondly, dengue larvae were found on the clinic premises.

According to our media sources, the clinic was sealed, and an application was filed for a case to be registered against the clinic.

The team responsible for this action was led by the Deputy District Health Officer (DDHO) Cantt. They sealed the clinic and applied to the Defense A police station.

The DDHO Cantt stated that the clinic was being run by female employees who did not possess an FSC (Intermediate level) pass.

Moreover, Dr. Zarqa was not present at the clinic during the inspection.

The discovery of dengue larvae on the premises led to an application being filed to take legal action under the Dengue Control Act.

Legal proceedings have been initiated against the clinic under the Dengue Control Act.