PTI Senators submit resolution condemning May 9 incidents

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senators have submitted a resolution condemning the May 9 incidents in the Senate.

PTI senators condemned the May 9 incidents and submitted a resolution in the Senate condemning it. These senators include Faisal Saleem, Seemi Ezdi, Falak Naz Chitrali, Zarqa Suhrawardy and others.

After submitting the resolution, the senators also held a press conference in the Parliament House.

On this occasion, Senator Faisal Saleem said “we strongly condemn the incidents of May 9, we have submitted a resolution in the Upper House, defense installations were targeted, we are ashamed of it.”

“My family belongs to the army, we can’t imagine anyone attacking army installations, those involved in this incident should really be punished,” he added.

Senator Falak Naz said that May 9 is the most unfortunate day of her life. She said that they reject the attempts to damage the memorial and property of the martyrs of Pakistan. “My brother and nephew are serving in the army,” she added.

Dr. Zarqa Suhrawardy said that they strongly condemn what happened on May 9. She said that they are Pakistanis first and then the rest. She also said that Rana Sanaullah held a press conference the day earlier, “condemning what happened to women in jail, we have prepared a resolution on it,” she said.

She further added that those involved in the May 9 incident should be punished, innocent people should be released and tried in civil courts.