PTI supporters protest outside White House against government’s measures

Hundreds of Pakistani Americans gathered outside the White House on Sunday, in spite of the bitter cold and stinging winds, to call for a halt to the government’s measures against Imran Khan.

A top PTI official in Virginia, Junaid Bashir, stated, “We are here to call attention to the deteriorating human rights situation and the threat to democracy in Pakistan. He said, “We want the government to cease threatening Imran Khan right away.”

Akbar Chaudhary, Who has been working with Imran Khan since the 1990s, said that the current government in Islamabad was a threat to Pakistan and needed to be overthrown immediately.

A pillar of the PPP, Kamran Rizvi, claimed he had to speak up because it would be criminal to not denounce what has been taking place there. The events of the past several days are not political as we have seen, it is an assault on democratic principles, he added.

There were several ladies among the demonstrators.

Another PTI leader Khalid Tanvir said, “The establishment must see the error it is committing.”

“It is the time for the establishment to recognize civilian supremacy,” remarked Mazhar Lillah, another PTI leader.

In a statement distributed at the event, the government in Pakistan was urged to immediately stop violations of fundamental human rights, stop custodial torture, hold free and fair elections in Punjab and KP, stop victimizing political opponents through arrests and false accusations, withdraw all politically motivated cases, stop restricting press freedom and stop subjecting peaceful protesters to harassment.