PTI to file cases against police officials involved in Zaman Park operation

Senior Vice-President of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Fawad Chaudhry, stated on Sunday that the party would file cases against police officials engaged in the violent and illegal operation that took place during the raid to seize Chairman Imran Khan from his Zaman Park house in Lahore.

The Punjab Police started an operation at the former prime minister Imran Khan’s home the day before after he went to the Islamabad Judicial Complex to appear before a court. They broke into the house and detained numerous party members.

Fawad said on Twitter that the party has called a meeting with its legal counsel.

“The legal team will meet today, it has been announced. Every home-sanctity norm has been broken by the police’s defiance of the Lahore High Court’s order and entry into Imran Khan’s dwelling. Items were taken. Also, they removed juice boxes. Those who were innocent were tortured.”

The party leader claimed that everything that occurred in Islamabad, including all the occurrences, is to blame for the nation’s continuing constitutional dilemma.

Fawad said, “It is unacceptable to disobey a court order. The Supreme Court must protect its decision-making. All police officers who engaged in violent acts and illegal activities had cases filed against them.”


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