PTI to take legal action against Rangers

The PTI has declared that its 27-year history is “completely devoid of violence and incitement”. Even in the most challenging situations, the party and its leader Imran Khan have stayed within the limits of the law.
The PTI has also rejected the “false, absurd and baseless propaganda” against the party in relation to the May 9 events, which led to violence after the arrest of Imran Khan. The party has emphasized that it is a peaceful, democratic political party that operates within the realm of the law.
The PTI has announced its intention to file cases against the Punjab Rangers and the National Accountability Bureau, condemning what it calls the “abduction of Imran Khan from Islamabad High Court premises by paramilitary forces”.
The PTI released a statement claiming that the caretaker government in Punjab has no legal or constitutional basis, and not holding elections after the Supreme Court’s deadline would be an attempt to violate the Constitution. The party, led by Imran Khan, agreed to prepare a legal action plan regarding the future of caretaker governments in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The PTI also strongly condemned the government’s recent ban on internet and social media, calling it an attempt to suppress the truth, and demanded the immediate restoration of internet connection.
Additionally, the party expressed concern over the government’s handover of Islamabad, particularly the Red Zone, to a “private militia” and vowed to respond with full public force. The PTI further criticized the Al-Qadir Trust case, claiming it was a cowardly attempt to target Imran Khan and his wife. The party demanded legal action against officers involved in attacks on PTI protesters and called for the release of detained leaders and workers. The PTI also demanded a high-level commission comprising Supreme Court judges to investigate the events of May 9 and register cases against those responsible for the killing of innocent citizens during chaotic protests. The statement also claimed that the PTI did not resort to violence during its protests after the November 3 attack and demanded a comprehensive investigation into attempts to create chaos during peaceful protests.


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