PTI’s 9thAprilBlackDay: Imran tells followers to be ready for any eventuality

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) term the event of April 9-10 as a “black day”. Imran Khan was removed as prime minister on this day in the last year following a vote of no confidence (VONC) proposed by the then-opposition.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the current coalition government made up of the PPP, PML-N, and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), stated on February 11, 2022, that it would move a no-confidence resolution against Imran Khan, which had later turned successful.

The PTI chief’s tenure as prime minister came to an end after a National Assembly session that lasted more than 12 hours, when the opposition’s no-trust resolution against him was approved an hour after midnight on April 10 with 174 members out of 342 voting in favor.

Imran Khan has told his party members and followers to be ready for any eventuality in a video link address marking one year after his removal. He also pledged to take to the streets if the government tried to “run away” from the elections by “dividing the judiciary.”

We’ll keep an eye on how things develop over the next days and take appropriate action, PTI Chairman said.

Imran blasted the federal cabinet for scheming to come up with a scheme that would lead to arguments and discord among the Supreme Court justices. The former prime minister alluded to the “London Plan” when he accused individuals of making choices behind closed doors that put the nation in the predicament it was in at the time.

PTI head underlined how the value of the rupee had dropped by more than Rs100 since the overthrow of his administration when discussing the economy’s downward spiral.

He said that because exports had decreased 10%, there would be further issues with the supply of US dollars. “We are borrowing money, and our debt is growing. After that, we must pay back those debts in dollars, he said.

Imran also provided insight into the PTI government’s handling of the terrorist situation, noting that airlines like British Airways had resumed operations and that tourism was on the upswing.

In the meantime, the PTI’s official Twitter account released a thorough Twitter thread in which it compared its own accomplishments to those of the current administration and denounced the claimed political victimization of its party members.

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar said in a tweet, “The tale that began a year ago through a regime-change conspiracy has now reached the point of violating the Constitution after [causing] political unrest, economic destruction, and worst fascism.”

Shireen Mazari, a former minister of human rights, tweeted that the “regime-change conspiracy brought cabal of crooks into power after SCP (Supreme Court of Pakistan) took suo motu action against Qasim Suri’s ruling,” joining other PTI politicians in using the hashtag #9thAprilBlackDay.

PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry also shared his thoughts in a tweet, saying, “One year of Pakistan’s worst fascist junta. The long, dark darkness that overtook Pakistan a year ago today and extinguished its lights is still in effect.