PTI’s countrywide protests against Imran’s murder attempt

Scuffles and tear gassing at Faizabad Rawalpindi, protestors hoisted PTI flags at Governor House Lahore gate

Countrywide protests have been demonstrated by the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) against the attempt of Imran Khan’s murder in Wazirabad yesterday. Enraged protestors blocked roads, and scuffles took place between them and the police.

PTI workers and supporters had gathered on roads across different cities of the country in protest against the attack on their party chairman.

At Governor House Lahore protestors had blocked the Mall Road in front of Governor House after burning tires. The protestors were chanting slogans against the murder attempt of the PTI Chairman against the federal government.

Protestors even tried to enter the premises of the Governor House by climbing the gate. PTI flags were hoisted at the gate by PTI workers.

In Lahore Ferozepur Road, Babu Sabu Interchange along with other important places of the city were also blocked due to protests. Even Metro Bus Service had to be terminated to avoid any damage.

In Faizabad Rawalpindi, there was an exchange of tear gas and stones between the police and the protestors.

PTI workers had barricaded Murree Road which was already closed by containers ahead. The protestors threw stones at the police among anti-government sloganeering while police fired shells of tear gas on the enraged protestors.

As per reports, police arrested many PTI workers during the protest at Faizabad.

In Karachi, PTI protestors protested at the Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi. The provincial police tried to move people from the road as the PTI protestors had blocked the road by creating barriers. There was an exchange of fierce dialogues and even scuffle scenes have been reported.

In Faisalabad, protestors gathered at the Faisalabad interchange. They closed the road by burning tires. Ther angry protestors had gathered to record protests against the attack on Imran Khan.


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