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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Public gatherings banned in Islamabad amid high alert

The capital administration issued a two-week ban on all gatherings and a 48-hour high alert in the city on Friday. This restriction included events connected to the impending local government elections.

An announcement from the office of Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon stated that “In light of recent advisories/threat alerts issued by the law enforcement agencies and today’s attack on police, the security of Islamabad has been beefed up to obviate the threats within the jurisdiction of capital which can disrupt peace and tranquillity causing damage to public life and property. However, the likelihood of such activities cannot be ruled out in the coming days.”

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The deputy commissioner issued a ban on all forms of corner meetings, public gatherings, and congregations in light of the current circumstances, particularly in light of the impending local government elections.

Police said a raid was initiated on cars with applied-for and unauthorized registration plates as security in the city was placed on high alert.

Teams that were sent out on patrol and to picket were instructed to take strong action against anyone brandishing or carrying a weapon. They were also instructed to examine and confirm the identity papers of both individuals and cars.

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Additionally, police stations were given instructions on how to check and confirm that housekeepers, domestic helpers, and tenants are registered.

While wooded areas, slums, and nullahs were being searched, checking and inspecting guest homes, hotels, motels, and inns were also initiated.


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