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Public unhappy with ‘Pawri’ girl Dananeer making it to a university’s discussion panel

The entire country is in a fit of rage over social media star Dananeer Mobeen being invited at a leading university of the country to deliver a guest lecture to the students of science and technology.

Dananeer, who grew popular after her ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ video went viral, was invited to a panel discussion on the rise of social media, and subsequently of the social media stars.

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While a certain section of the students, and quite a large one, excitedly flew in to attend the lecture by Dananeer, another section has been left extremely disappointed at the kind of speakers being invited in order to motivate students.

A lot of people have pointed out the university and requested it to revisit its academic standards if it is a ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ girl who will now be invited to panel discussions, with no required education to her name but only a video which went viral on the internet.

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Few have also expressed serious concern over the declining standards of Pakistan’s educational institutions, which are preferring digital stars who grow viral within seconds as ‘inspirational panelists’ over real hard-working scientists and artists.



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