Punjab AGP steps down

Picture source - Twitter/@QlcLahore

Advocate General Punjab Ahmed Awais stepped down from his office after the appointment of the new Punjab governor on Monday. Ahmed Awais said he would send his resignation to the newly appointed Punjab Governor Balig-ur-Rehman.

“I can’t work under this government,” he said while talking to the reporters on Monday. Awais served as the principal law officer of Punjab twice; first in 2018 but he left the job after developing “differences” with a full bench of the Lahore High Court.

The Punjab government appointed him again in 2020. Before the appointment of Balig-ur-Rehman as Punjab governor, Awais used to say that he would submit his resignation to the then-governor instead of sending it to the Punjab chief minister. He said the governor was the appointing authority and he was answerable to him.

On April 23, the Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department barred Advocate General Ahmad Awais from appearing in cases on behalf of the provincial government. In a letter to the AG Punjab, the provincial law department wrote that the Advocate General has violated the administrative rules while appearing before the court in the governor’s petition.