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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Punjab Assembly passes bills amidst opposition’s uproar

Opposition angry over vote of confidence; Govt angry over Sanaullah and Tarar entry in guest gallery

Punjab Assembly has passed several bills amidst the opposition’s uproar while opposition and government members of the assembly raised slogans against each other.

In the Punjab Assembly, the opposition was angry over the Chief Minister for not taking the vote of confidence. Opposition members of the assembly tore copies of the agenda and surrounded the speaker’s dice.

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The Punjab Assembly session was delayed by around three hours under Speaker Sibtain Khan in the chair.

PML-N adopted an aggressive strategy in the Punjab Assembly session while shouts of taking a trust vote, the vote of confidence created a ruckus in the house. Opposition members also surrounded the dice of Punjab Assembly Speaker Sibtain Khan.

In response, the government members also stood up from their seats and shouted slogans against Rana Sanaullah Khan and Attaullah Tarar who were sitting in the guest gallery.

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Speaker Sibtain Khan ordered to lift of the torn papers of the proceedings on the assembly floor.

Due to the ruckus in the meeting, it became difficult for the Speaker to run the proceedings of the meeting. Government member Rana Shahbaz said that Atta Tarar was expelled from the Punjab Assembly.

Speaker Sibtain Khan said that the case was going on in the court which had suspended the governor’s order. He asked how did the meeting become unconstitutional. He said that when the time comes they will take the Chief Minister’s vote of confidence.

Opposition’s noise was futile as government members passed bills despite the opposition’s resistance. The opposition members kept tearing copies of the agenda, but the Speaker kept reading the Punjab Assembly bills.

Later Punjab Assembly session has been adjourned till 2 pm on Tuesday, January 10.


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