Punjab govt to take action against PTI workers over attack on police van

The Punjab interim government has indicated it will take action in response to an alleged attack on a police van near Imran Khan’s Zaman Park mansion in Lahore by fans.

Legal action will be taken against the criminals who attacked a team of the special force and its car on Canal Road, according to a provincial government official.

Several party workers with sticks in hand stopped the police force as they were leaving the Gaddafi Stadium after serving as security for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) game.

According to the authorities, it was the third attack on police in as many hours. The police search of Imran Khan’s home took place hours after he left for Islamabad to attend the Toshakhana case hearing, and it appears that this search sparked the violence.

A large police presence searched the former premier’s home, clearing the area by removing campers, and made multiple arrests of suspects in connection with the alleged violence on March 14 and 15.

In a later joint press conference, Punjab’s IGP Usman Anwar and interim information minister disclosed that security personnel had also found assault guns, bottles for building petrol bombs, and other items during the raid.

The IGP stated that search warrants were issued by a court dealing with counterterrorism before the raid was carried out.


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