Punjab Mass Transit Authority to charge hefty amount for Metro bus and Orange train coverage

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There will now be charges for media coverage at Metro Bus and Orange Line train stations, according to a recent notification from the Punjab Mass Transit Authority.

According to the recently released regulations, media organizations that desire to cover certain transit stations must pay a coverage charge, and their authorization to do so will be conditioned upon payment.

The Orange Line stations have been divided up by the authority into three categories to simplify the process.

A coverage cost of Rs. 246,000 will be charged for each station that falls under Category A, which totals eight stations.

There would be a coverage cost of Rs. 185,000 for each station in Category B, which consists of ten stations.

The eight stations that makeup Category C will pay a coverage fee of Rs. 124,000.

Additionally, it has been stated that media organizations planning to cover the Metro Bus service must pay a coverage charge of Rs. 124,000.

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority is taking this action to raise money for the upkeep of public transportation.