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Punjab Police registered 756,738 FIRs against 1,247,212 in 2022

IG for intensifying crackdown on criminal elements, especially dangerous gangs, habitual criminals and organized criminal groups, across province

Inspector General of Police Punjab Aamir Zulfiqar Khan has said that in the new year, the crackdown on criminal elements, especially dangerous gangs, habitual criminals and organized criminal groups, should be intensified in all districts of the province. He issued these instructions to the officers while reviewing the overall performance of the police at Central Police Office in 2022.

IG Punjab directed to take steps under an effective strategy to stamp out organized crime across the province and accused should be put behind the bars under the zero tolerance policy.

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Aamir Zulfiqar Khan laid emphasis on effective patrolling by patrolling teams and the habitual and professional criminals involved in hardened crimes like robbery, dacoity, murder and kidnapping and street crime should be brought to book.  He said that the supervisory officers of all districts should take vigorous measures to eradicate drug trafficking, illegal weapons and gender-based crimes. He said that organized gangs implicated in car, motorcycle and vehicle theft and snatching should be eradicated in big cities.  He directed that after bringing the accused under the grip of the law, the investigative stages of the cases should be completed as soon as possible and punishments should be handed down

As per details, Punjab Police is working day and night to protect life and properties of citizens in all the districts of the province.  During the year 2022, 756738 FIRs were registered against 1247212 people across the province.  10,224 accused of 3,650 dangerous gangs involved in various crimes were arrested in all districts. Likewise, 38,052 cases were traced through the investigation of these gangs and stolen goods worth 2,116 million rupees were recovered.  In the current year, 93414 proclaimed offenders were arrested and imprisoned across the province.

Taking stern actions against menace of drugs , 26132 accused were arrested in across the province. 218,849 kilograms of charas, 578 kilograms of heroin, 691 kilograms of opium and 40,722 liters of liquor worth billions of rupees were recovered from the possession of the accused. In the crackdown against possession of illegal weapons, 49052 accused were arrested from different districts, while 2112 stengun, 1500 Kalashnikovs, 5804 rifles, 2598 guns, 658 revolvers, 33327 pistols, 494 carbines, 61 Mausers, 780 Repeaters, and an anti-aircraft gun were seized from the possession of the accused.  Thousands of bullets and cartridges were also recovered.

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In the current year, the police recovered more than 18000 stolen and snatched vehicles and motorcycles from various districts of Punjab. Similarly, 4002050 complaints were registered on Complaint Management System out of which 3982331 were resolved.  723026 FIRs were registered on the complaints submitted.

IG Punjab Khan directed the officers to make the process of protecting lives and properties of citizens more efficient and to speed up the process of eradicating the criminals while maintaining the law and order situation.


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