Punjab police spokesman arrested for abusing intelligence officer

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The Punjab police on Friday filed a complaint against its own spokesman for abducting, torturing, and threatening to kill an officer of a sensitive agency.

The official of the sensitive agency in South Cantt, Lahore, filed a complaint and the case was thereafter opened. In the FIR, up to 15 people were named including the spokesperson for the Punjab police Nayab Haider, his son Zarghan Abbas, Faizan Ali, Mastajab Haider, Intisab Hussain, and Nouman.

Nayab Haider was detained by the Punjab police. Haider and the officer of the sensitive agency got into a conflict over sluggish driving on the Cavalry Ground flyover.

The FIR says that the officer’s car was struck from behind. The officer was hurt when Haider and his companions exited their car and struck him with the gun butt. Additionally, they attempted to kidnap him by loading him into their car and threatened to kill him.

The FIR further said that when the officer’s mother tried to intervene, Haider and his comrades tortured her as well.