Punjab police to challenge Yasmin Rashid’s acquittal in Jinnah House attack case

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The Punjab police decided on Sunday to appeal a Lahore anti-terrorism court’s decision to release PTI politician Yasmin Rashid in a case involving vandalism at the Lahore Corps Commander’s Residence, popularly known as Jinnah House, on May 9.

After the paramilitary Rangers arrested the PTI leader at the Islamabad High Court last month in a corruption case, there were nationwide protests, and various private and public facilities, including military sites, were vandalized.

Initially jailed under the Maintenance of Public Order law, Rashid and 17 other female PTI workers were re-arrested just hours after the LHC ordered their release on May 13.

As a result of her suspected involvement in the rioting on May 9, she was also accused of three other Lahore-registered offenses. She was taken from Kot Lakhpat jail, but due to her medical condition, police decided to detain her there at Services Hospital in Lahore at the time.

Rashid has been in police custody ever since an ATC last week granted police a three-day physical remand of her for a photogrammetric test in the Jinnah House damage case.

A Lahore ATC had dismissed her from the case the day prior and granted the freedom of Rashid along with 23 other suspects. Due to other incidents involving the May 9 events, she was not released.

However, in a statement, the Punjab police said: “All conspirators, planners, and perpetrators of the May 9 incident, including Dr. Yasmin Rashid, would be brought to justice.”