Punjab’s caretaker govt rejects proposed income tax on 5-acre agricultural lands

For visual reference only. Picture source - Asian Development Bank via The International Women's Initiative
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The Punjab Caretaker Government has rejected the proposal for a 5-acre landowners’ income tax on agriculture.

The Stamp Act of 1999’s First Schedule modifications and the retention of a 1 percent stamp duty rate were both accepted by the Punjab Cabinet. It adopted changes to the Sales Tax Services Act of 2012 that will eliminate all taxes on IT-related businesses, training, and education in Punjab.

The provincial TB control effort and the hepatitis and infection control program’s staff members have had their contracts renewed by the government. It accepted several issues relating to the Universal Health Insurance Program as well as the renewal of the contract with Punjab Health Facilities Management Company.

It also instructed the Walled City of Lahore Authority to rehabilitate historical structures and gateways throughout the province, particularly the 12 old gates of Lahore.

In large-scale mining operations, it was decided to renew royalties for limestones and argillaceous clay.

For 1500-2000cc automobiles, the Cabinet decreased the vehicle registration fees by 1%. A council for the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs) was also permitted to be established.

Additionally, it was determined to operationalize a gynecological hospital in the 18 Hazari tehsil of Jhang and to prolong the contracts of 605 workers at the DG Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education.