Puppet show set to enthral kids today

Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) would organize a free puppet show featuring folk dances, stories and skits for children today (Saturday) at 4 pm at National Art Gallery Islamabad.

The purpose of such shows is to create awareness among the community regarding the rights and responsibilities of children and parents, and help and support poor children and their families by providing equal opportunities for quality education for girls and boys, a PNCA spokesman told APP. He said the show was aimed at highlighting the importance of the provision of nutrition, clean water and a clean environment for the healthy growth of children.

Likewise, it also aimed at educating children about the danger of drugs, and how parents could protect their children from falling prey to such evil temptations. The shows are important for creating awareness among children on how they could protect themselves from all types of abuse, and laborious work, he added. Such public messages, he said, would be presented through the stories of ‘Meena Ki Kahani’ (Meena’s story) and “Roshan Mustaqbil.” ‘Meena ki Kahani’ is a story of a village child girl who despite her desire to acquire an education and go to school like her brother was denied so.

Somehow, at a later stage, her parents realize the importance of education for girls and allow her to go to school. ‘Roshan Mustqbil’ (Bright future) is a story of three orphans (two brothers and a sister) who are street hawkers and housemaids. The story is based on child labour, which is a serious problem in our society.