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Putin claims Moscow’s arsenal is years ahead of its competitors

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia was prepared to engage with partners across the world in the development of military technologies and that its most recent weapons were much superior to those of adversaries.

The five-month conflict in Ukraine has so far failed to establish Russia’s weapons industry as a compelling display, with the Russian leader’s forces driven from the country’s two largest cities and making progress at a high cost in the east.

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While speaking at an arms show in Moscow on Monday, Putin said that Russia respects its strong ties with Latin America, Africa, and Asia, “and is ready to offer partners and allies the most modern types of weapons, from small arms to armored vehicles and artillery, combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles”.

The Russian president said we can offer modern technologies and systems. He stated, “We are talking about high-precision weapons and robotics, about combat systems based on new physical principles. Many of them are years, or maybe decades ahead of their foreign counterparts, and in terms of tactical and technical characteristics they are significantly superior to them.”

Putin and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also talked about the chances for Russia to cooperate with potential allies such as India, China, Iran, and others to create a new international order which is not dominated or dictated by the US.

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Putin said, “I want to emphasize that Russia stands for the broadest comprehensive development and military-technical cooperation. Today in conditions of confidence in the emerging multipolar world, this is especially important.”

“We highly appreciate the fact that our country has many like-minded allies and partners on different continents. These are the states that do not succumb to the so-called hegemon. Their leaders show a real masculine character and do not bend,” he said.



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