Putin’s knee-taking gesture raises questions about Ukraine war’s conclusion

Western Nations blamed for initiating the Ukraine war claims President Putin

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Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a bold stance on ending the Ukraine war during his address at the BRICS meeting. He placed the responsibility for the war primarily on Western countries.

In a striking statement at the BRICS summit held in South Africa, President Putin directed sharp criticism towards Western nations and their allies, accusing them of instigating the conflict in Ukraine. This marked a notable departure from his previous rhetoric. Putin announced for the first time on a global stage that Russia’s intention was to bring an end to the ongoing war in Ukraine. However, he refrained from detailing the terms under which he envisions achieving this resolution.

The timing of Putin’s declaration aligns with recent developments involving Denmark and the Netherlands. These countries have assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of providing F-16 fighter jets. Zelensky has repeatedly requested Western nations to supply him with F-16 aircraft to bolster his military capabilities against Russia. Despite his appeals, the United States and the United Kingdom have declined to provide such support.

In response to the promised supply of F-16 aircraft from Denmark and the Netherlands, President Zelensky expressed determination, asserting that no obstacles will prevent Ukraine from concluding the conflict with Russia on its own terms.

It’s important to note that Russia experienced casualties as a result of recent drone attacks carried out by Ukraine, leading to the deaths of more than three individuals in Russia over the span of two days. Furthermore, these attacks forced the suspension of flights at several international airports in Moscow.

Putin’s call for an end to the Ukraine war and his attribution of blame to Western nations underscores the complex dynamics of the conflict, which continues to shape the geopolitical landscape of the region. The Ukrainian president’s persistence in seeking military support from allies further demonstrates the extent to which various nations are involved in the ongoing crisis. As developments unfold, the world watches with bated breath to see whether these statements will pave the way for a path toward peace or escalate tensions further.

Shaheer Gul Khan is a final-year student of English Literature at Government College University (GCU) Lahore. Strives to create a challenging and engaging environment having editor skills in freelancing, a goal-oriented. He can be reached at Twitter @HafizShaheerGu1.