Qureshi changed content of US cable for political mileage: Sanaullah

Says if Imran Khan turns to Islamabad, he will be given a ‘warm welcome’

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday said that Asad Majeed, former ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, admitted in front of everyone in the National Security Council (NSC) that there was no mention of conspiracy or mistrust in the letter.

Talking to the media in Faisalabad, Sanaullah alleged that former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi changed the content of the cable to exploit it for political mileage. “If Imran Khan Niazi turns to Islamabad, I will give him a warm welcome,” he added.

The interior minister said that no matter how many rallies Imran Khan would hold, the federal government would continue to inform the people about his incompetence, corruption and bad governance.

“During the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s four-year rule, they called their opponents thieves and carried out baseless propaganda, but not a single allegation could be proved. I was imprisoned and not given medicine,” Sanaullah recalled.

He said that the sooner the oppressive and incompetent gang was removed, the better the country would be. “They ruined the country as much as they could and made life impossible for the common man,” he added.

The interior minister said the ones who Imran Khan put in jails were in government today. “We did not get a single vote from them in the no-confidence motion. The PTI government ruined the country and did nothing but fabricate cases,” he said.

Further recalling the imprisonment of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leaders, he said PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif was a heart patient and was imprisoned; Shehbaz Sharif was imprisoned for 14 months; and Hamza Shahbaz was imprisoned for 20 months illegally.

He further added that whoever did something good for Imran Khan, he treated them badly. “He did not do well with Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan, who formed PTI,” he said. Sanaullah further said that every seat was traded in Punjab, while six chief secretaries had been changed in four years. “Who is Farah Khan, and why did she run away?” he asked.

The interior minister said that people lost their lives due to this “incompetent gang” so now, instead of politics of revenge, a process of providing full relief to the people was being started. He said that the foundation of CPEC was laid by Nawaz Sharif, but the former federal government kept it practically closed for three and a half years and left the country on the brink of ruin.