Rain might spoil Pak vs. Eng T20 World Cup final

The eagerly awaited T20 World Cup final between Pakistan and England is in jeopardy with rain expected in Melbourne on Sunday evening.

Rain forced the early termination of the Super 12 game between Ireland and England, while three T20 World Cup matches at the MCG have already been called off due to weather.

Rain also prevented the host nation Australia from playing rivals England in a crucial match at the MCG, thereby eliminating the defending champions from the competition.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a 95% chance of rains (8 to 20 mm) dotting the Victorian capital on Sunday, putting the finale in doubt.

The T20 World Cup knockout matches, unlike the group stage matches, are given a reserve day. The backup time for the final is set for 3 p.m. on Monday with an additional two hours allotted to finish the game in case of rain delays.

But much to everyone’s disappointment, the Bureau’s forecast for Monday doesn’t look too encouraging either, with a 95% chance of showers (5 to 10 mm).

The T20 World Cup playing conditions say that “every attempt will be made to finish the match on the scheduled day.”

The match will only be finished on the reserve day if the minimum number of overs required to constitute a match cannot be bowled on the scheduled day.

The trophy will be shared between the two finalists Pakistan and England if the game is called off.


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