Raja wants domestic cricketers to help Pakistan achieve glory

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja on Sunday interacted with domestic cricketers featuring in the National T20. Ramiz Raja, a 1992 World Cup winner and former Pakistan captain, encouraged the domestic cricketers to concentrate and focus on their cricket and assured them that his administration will look after their wellbeing besides creating future opportunities.

Ramiz Raja said, “You are the route that will take us to make Pakistan a cricketing great. My vision is to make Pakistan cricket team the best team in the world and it starts with you and we need to be in sync to achieve that greatness.”

He added, “With the domestic contracts significantly enhanced, you don’t have to wait to play only at the international level to secure and safeguard your future. In return, I ask you to give your best, to improve your skills and fitness, and focus on becoming the best you can be,” he added. “I firmly believe in meritocracy and giving opportunities to high performing cricketers irrespective of age. To help you achieve your career ambitions of representing Pakistan at the highest level, the PCB will back you and provide you all the necessary facilities, opportunities and exposure to accomplish your childhood dreams,” said Ramiz.