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Ramazan Bazaars: Are they worth the hassle?

With Rs12 discount on chicken, Rs6 on a dozen eggs, citizens are not too enthusiastic about them

Sastay Ramazan bazaars have been activated in Faisalabad but there is no relief for the people as they do not have pulses while the quality of vegetables and fruits is not good.

There are long queues for a few rupees’ discount, something on which the citizens have expressed their reservations. The district administration has set up 19 Sastay Ramazan bazaars across the district and the citizens have been encouraged to buy all the essentials from them at discounted rates, but there is no relief for the people in the Sastay Ramazan bazaars set up in Faisalabad.

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The price of one kilogram of chicken is Rs12 less than the market rate while a subsidy of Rs6 is being given on a dozen eggs. A citizen will get only one kilogram of chicken, but the citizens are having a hard time buying both because long queues are formed for the purchase of chicken and eggs, forcing the citizens to stand while fasting. For women and the elderly, the process seems even more difficult. Citizens have expressed serious concerns over the situation.

Similarly, some pulses are not available in many Sastay Ramazan bazaars and the prices of vegetables and fruits as well as their quality are being questioned. At the same time, the hygiene conditions in the markets are also not good. The price of sugar has been fixed at Rs80 per kg in the Ramazan bazaars, but to get it, the citizens will have to show their identity card, and then they can get maximum of 2kg of sugar.

The citizens have said that the subsidy given in Ramazan bazaars was too little. In this regard, the district spokesperson said that the discounts were being given on essential items as per the subsidy fixed for cheap Ramazan bazaars. There can be no compromise. Similarly, if there are any issues in the management, citizens should identify them so that they could be resolved.

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Separately, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) will finalize its Annual Business Plan in consultation with the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) to make it progressive and result oriented, said Rana Shahzad Ahmad Khan, Director General TDAP Punjab. In a meeting with President FCCI, Atif Munir Sheikh, he discussed in detail the inherent potential of Faisalabad and said that a comprehensive strategy would be evolved for the diversification of exports from this city in addition to exploiting the available export opportunities in traditional and non-traditional sectors.

Acknowledging the industrial, commercial, business and export edge of this vibrant city, he said that “we must involve FCCI and other local trade bodies to give a boost to exports from this city”. “We should change our strategy and discuss its activities that may have local, regional, national or international dimensions,” he said, adding that TDAP will organize a trade and investment conference, and potential buyers from all over the world would be invited to participate in it. He mentioned the African model and said that TDAP had organized a made-in-Pakistan exhibition in Africa but its focus was on showcasing engineering products.



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