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Ramazan special series ‘Mamlaat’ to shed light on social issues

With the advent of the holy month, a Ramazan special series has been released, which deviates from the trend of Ramazan rom-coms to focus on daily-life issues and the ways to resolve them in the light of Quranic information.

Titled as ‘Mamlaat’ (issues/matters), the series has been aptly named in accordance with its theme, and will be bringing one story daily for the public to watch and learn from.

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‘Mamlaat’ boasts of multiple popular actors including Mehmood Aslam, Shahood Alvi, Saniya Shamshad, Sohail Sameer, Srha Asghar, Rashid Farooqui and Nawal Saeed.

The public has shown quite a positive response to the series, saying that such works were very important and should be screened throughout the year for the people to learn how to go about matters of daily life and routine.

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‘Makafaat’ is another such series aired every year during and around Ramadan, which also centers on more or less a similar theme but with more dramatic intensity and a ‘goodness prevails’ touch. With ‘Mamlaat’, however, there has been a major shift, with the team probing into a new social issue with each episode and teaching how to resolve it using Islamic knowledge.



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