Rana Sana dismisses reports of Ishaq Dar’s nomination as caretaker PM

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Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah asserted the need for a politician to be appointed as caretaker prime minister, dismissing reports that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was nominated for the position. In an interview, Sanaullah clarified that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) did not suggest Dar’s name for the interim premier role. However, he acknowledged that if a politician were to be chosen, there would be nothing wrong with nominating Ishaq Dar.

He added that politicians from other parties, such as Raza Rabbani from the PPP, could also be considered for the caretaker PM position. Sanaullah’s statement came amid reports that the PML-N had decided to pick Dar as the caretaker PM, which was met with criticism from political commentators and the PPP.

In response to the Election Act 2017 amendments, Sanaullah clarified that the legislation aims to empower the caretaker government in matters concerning the economy and other important issues. He dispelled rumors about extending the caretaker government’s stay beyond 90 days, asserting that no conspiracy was being hatched to delay the elections.

During a joint session of parliament, the “Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2023” was approved, granting additional powers to the caretaker government. The amendments allow the caretaker setup to make decisions on ongoing projects but not sign new agreements or engage in bilateral and multilateral agreements. The bill sparked speculations about the interim government’s authority in the absence of an elected government.