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Rana Sanaullah claims PTI wants unrest in Islamabad

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah accused Chairman PTI Imran Khan of plotting to create unrest in the capital under the guise of the long march.

On Saturday, while addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Rana Sanaullah played alleged leaked audio of Ali Amin Gandapur talking about bringing ammunition for the long march.

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The interior minister asserted that the ministry has gained information about this communication based on preliminary investigations, but he declined to identify the unidentified person who is supposed to have been chatting to the PTI leader.

Rana Sanaullah described Khan’s behaviour as “undemocratic” and claimed the PTI leader had bad motives. Imran Khan’s fitna, as we have been claiming, “wants to deceive the country.”

Sanaullah criticized Khan, saying, “Khan wants people to die instead of holding a long march.” He was also accused of plotting to split and destroy the nation.

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The interior minister cited Faisal Vawda’s news conference from a few days prior in which a senior aide to Khan acknowledged that the PTI long march will end up being a “bloody march.”

The PTI instantly distanced itself from the former minister’s statement because Vawda was a “snitch,” he continued.

Earlier, PTI leaders on different occasions mentioned that this long march will be peaceful and within the parameters of the Supreme Court decision.



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