Rana Sanaullah midnight presser stirs controversy

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Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan claimed that after staging a mock raid at a known party employee that included a rape and casualties from gunfire, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) intended to draw attention to human rights abuses in Pakistan on a global level.

Rana Sanaullah stated at a news conference held after midnight on Sunday that intelligence services had gotten hold of an audio that revealed a plot by the PTI to discredit the nation’s law enforcement organizations. However, no such audio was played during the news conference.

The intercepted communication, according to the PML-N minister, indicated a plan for a raid on the home of a specific known PTI employee that will result in casualties.

The minister also revealed a second evil scheme that included plans to conduct a horrific crime of rape.

This disgusting plot’s main goal was to intentionally place the blame on law enforcement agencies and cause a public outrage on a global scale. Citing the incident, the interior minister stated that the PTI wants to bring up the subject of human rights abuses on a global scale.

He also emphasized the urgency of the matter by stressing that the strategy would be put into action tonight. The personalities involved in the conversation were, however, closely observed, he said.

He informed the people about his midnight televised speech and stressed the need to quickly inform them of the plotters’ malevolent intentions.