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Ranbir Kapoor slammed on social media after ‘body-shaming’ wife Alia Bhatt

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is currently trending on Twitter for making a series of questionable remarks over a number of years, particularly in the context of women.

According to many people, the Bollywood celebrity is known for making his lovers and female co-stars look bad in front of the camera.

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Many Indian celebrities are currently being held accountable for remarks made in the past, some of which they later apologized for.

The most recent instance happened during a live session with writer-director Ayan Mukerji. Fans seized the chance to enquire about the marketing strategies for the upcoming trilogy, which stars the newly-wed couple.

Alia stated that the filmmakers had not yet “phailed” [spread] the film. Ranbir cut off Alia to quip that someone else had “phailoed” in place of her, making fun of Alia’s expanding pregnancy belly.

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Alia swiftly brought the conversation back to the movie despite appearing visibly uneasy, heightening the awkward tension. But since then, Ranbir has been under fire on social media for body-shaming his expecting wife.

A social media user took a jab at Ranbir for mistreating Katrina Kaif during a show recording.

While addressing the issue, another social media user criticized a Ranbir Kapoor movie and called it ‘cliché’.

Someone on Twitter wrote that Ranbir disrespects women because of his fragile ego.

A social media user wrote men like Ranbir never marry superior women.



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