Rashid Latif criticizes Pakistan selection process

Rashid Latif, captain and wicketkeeper of the Pakistan Cricket Team in the NatWest Challenge One Day International between England and Pakistan at The Oval, London, 20th June 2003. England won by 7 wickets. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)
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Rashid Latif, a former cricketer for Pakistan, has expressed worry over three choices made for the team’s next Test trip to Sri Lanka.

He has specifically questioned the squad’s selection of Shan Masood, Hassan Ali, and Nauman Ali.

Shan Masood’s recent struggles as a batter are the main source of Latif’s criticism about the selection of the batter.

Masood has had trouble contributing; in his last 14 innings, he has only produced 155 runs, averaging just 11.07. Latif contends that the selection committee would have seen Masood’s bad performance if they had relied on facts and statistics.

He suggests that Shan’s selection is unjustified and casts doubt on the selection procedure.

On his YouTube channel, Latif stated, “If you are using data, then that means you have selected Shan after turning your computer off.”

However, our PC is running. When evaluating someone’s selection, we need evidence. I’m not seeing any proof of Shan’s choice. His pick is not appropriate, he continued.

Latif has also voiced doubt over Hassan Ali’s selection for the Test team. Latif highlights Hassan’s recent subpar performance while praising his talent and commitment as a bowler.

Latif criticizes the justification for Hassan’s selection, suggesting that there are more qualified candidates available, despite the fact that he has only 10 wickets to his record in the past 12 innings and a bowling average of 53.7.