Raza Rumi calls out Markandey Katju for calling Pakistan ‘Fake country’

In another Twitter Feud, Pakistani policy analyst, and journalist Raza Ahmad Rumi calls out former Indian Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju for calling Pakistan a “Fake Country.”

On the 10th of April, Katju in response to a tweet calling him out for invading in the matter of Pakistan wrote, “Country ? What country? Pakistan is a fake country, artificially created by a British swindle called Partition on basis of bogus2nation theory. It was part of India from Mughal times&will 1 day reunite with India under a secular govt (not present Indian govt), tho that will take time.”

His comments about Pakistan get him a lot of criticism but Raza Rumi one of the first to call him out said, “Many TFT readers reached out to colleagues after you tweeted this. They were appalled that the publication gives platform to someone who wants Pakistan to perish. You cannot take away the right of a country to exist. What sort of neighborly ‘love’ is this? Peace.”

In responding to Raza Rumi’s comments Judge Katju claimed that his words are being twisted and he said he wants the peaceful reunification of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.

He further added, “I never said I want people of Pakistan to perish. I want reunification of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh under a truly secular govt, led by modern-minded leaders (like Mustafa Kemal ) determined to rapidly modernise&industrialise d country & raise the standard of living of people.”