Ready to resign and held accountable, says Sanjrani amid criticism on Senate perks bill

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Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has offered to quit and to stand trial in response to criticism of a law intended to increase the benefits and privileges of former and future leaders of the upper house of Parliament.

The controversial bill that called for giving every former Senate chairperson a lifelong full security detail of at least 10 people was approved by the Senate earlier this month.

Additionally, it was suggested that the government pay for the family members and domestic staff members’ travel costs. The National Assembly is still debating the proposed law.

Sanjrani had supported the legislation, stating that its goals were to restore order and address audit concerns. While the PPP had declared that it could not contribute its support given the country’s economic position, he insisted that it would not bring any further strain to the national exchequer.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC), who said that it would burden an already unstable economy, also blasted the proposed bill.

Sanjrani addressed worries and inquiries about the bill in an interview, which would air over the Eid holidays, by claiming that he had not asked for even the slightest wage increase.

Sanjrani stated he had never requested a daily or travel allowance. He also stressed that he and his wife paid for their household’s costs out of their own pockets.

“I am prepared to accept responsibility, and an audit should be requested. I will resign from my Senate position if it is shown that there was any malfeasance, he declared.

He noted that the Senate chairman held an honorable position but made it clear that he did not receive any benefits.

Sanjrani proposed giving the Senate chairman access to ten planes rather than just one in the event that the nation’s circumstances improved.