Reason why Hina Altaf and Agha Ali have no house help

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Recently on a Ramzan transmission, Shane Suhoor the famous couple Hina Altaf and Agha Ali opened up about their house chores. The actor said I want to tell to everyone that we don’t have any house help at home. He said there is nobody to clean, nobody to wash clothes and nobody to iron our clothes. We do all our house chores ourselves.

We clean our home ourselves, and we wash our clothes in a machine. We shifted into this house a few months ago and we used to see people on YouTube who do their house chores themselves. So this inspired us.

He further told that another problem is that our timings were not matching with our house helps. We used to come and go at different timing. So it was a tough duty for us to keep up with their timings. So we decided to do our house chores ourselves. We do deep cleaning every Sunday.

He also told that we have divided our tasks at home. So cooking is my duty. I cook food and prepare meals and Hina majorly looks into cleaning.

Hina Altaf also said on every Sunday we do deep cleaning and we don’t have to care about the timings of the house helps. Our life is much easier now.