Reconstruction and rehabilitation post-floods to begin on Oct 24

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will formally outline government initiatives for the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase of the post-flood recovery of impacted districts.

According to the Planning Commission, the reconstruction and rehabilitation will begin on October 24.

The announcement was made following the completion of the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment of the losses and damages following the devastating floods that struck Pakistan in August by the planning and development division in cooperation with the World Bank, ADB, EU, and UN.

Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal presented some of the report’s most important conclusions at a roundtable on Friday, which was held in conjunction with the World Bank and IMF annual meetings.

He said, “It is the time for the richest people of the world to help the poorest people of Pakistan who are the victims of the development in the advanced world.”

The UK PM’s special representative, Nigel Casey, said that the international response has been swift and wide thus far.

She stated that “this crucial humanitarian aid alone will be insufficient for Pakistan’s recovery, and building back to a stronger, more resilient position must be at the forefront of our minds”.


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