Record-Breaking number of foreigners moved to Dubai in 2023

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    Over 50,000 foreigners moved to Dubai in the first half of 2023, marking a notable growth in the city’s population.

    Since Dubai established itself as a regional hub for numerous industries, including aviation, trade, banking, and tourism, this growth tendency has been growing.

    Many expats have been drawn to the city because of its reputation as a place for professionals looking for improved career opportunities.

    Dubai successfully recovered from the pandemic and was among the first cities in the globe to reopen in February 2020, following a population reduction brought on by the coronavirus outbreak.

    The city’s strong job market and speedy recovery were key factors in luring top talent and spurring population development.

    Expo 2020, which was recently held, increased Dubai’s global presence by luring more businesspeople and professionals to the area. By the end of June 2023, Dubai’s population will have surpassed 3.6 million, up from 3.55 million at the start of this year, according to figures from the Dubai Statistics Centre.

    At 3,603,286 as of July 5th, Dubai’s population has grown by 52,886 foreigners, or 1.49 percent, since the year’s beginning.

    The number of residents increased by 89,196 over the previous year, and by 124,595 during the previous 18 months.

    Dubai’s administration has given urban planning high attention since it understands how crucial it is for both sustainable growth and the welfare of its citizens.

    The population has increased by 80 times, and urban areas have grown by 170 times, since the city’s first urban plan was implemented in 1960.

    The Dubai 2040 urban plan is currently being developed in Dubai. According to the plan, 55% of Dubai’s population will live 800 meters or fewer from a public transport hub.

    Dubai’s population grows by roughly a million people during the day as people from nearby emirates come to the city in search of employment and business possibilities.

    Population growth has enhanced consumer spending and increased housing demand, which has boosted the economy as a whole.