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Recovery from climate-induced disasters is long process, says Bilawal

Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari ahead of the Geneva conference has cautioned that recovery from climate-related disasters is a long process that cannot be completed in just one or two summits.

The statement came with Pakistan and the UN preparing to co-host a summit in Geneva today to rally assistance for flood victims.

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“We do not want to raise expectations. It’s not like we will go there and come up with a cure for all our problems,” FM said.

Foreign Minister also noted that some areas are still under water from floods.

He further urged that the most pressing requirements are to reconstruct homes, hospitals, schools, and agriculture.

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Bilawal added, “It’s the start of a process, and then we will go on the road, telling people how we want to build a climate-resilient Pakistan.”

He also noted that the flooding gave Pakistan a chance as well. Pakistan issues were brought up in the international media, and the UN secretary-general joined the campaign to assist us. Now, it’s up to us to seize this opportunity and create a Pakistan that is climate resilient.

A UN assessment issued this week cautioned that in addition to the 33 million people affected by last summer’s disastrous floods, an extra nine million people ran the risk of being forced into poverty.

The Geneva summit will bring together leaders from the public and business sectors and create funding and international support for areas affected by last year’s terrible floods.


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