Release date announced for Resham’s short film

Actress Resham’s short film Dafa Ho Jao Tum will be released on October 29, an announcement that came sometime after posters and teasers of the film circulated the internet.

The short film will be aired through a YouTube channel titled ‘Kabaar Khana’.

The date was announced with the release of the short film’s second teaser, featuring Resham and Abdullah Ejaz as a happy couple. A few days back, an original soundtrack (OST) for the film was also released, which was a modern rendition of Momin Khan Momin’s popular ghazal, Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qarar Tha (the calm that existed between you and me).

The much-awaited project, as the writer says, is a break-up s

tory that will start with the leading characters living a happy life that might end in tragedy, something that is also reflected in the poetry of its chosen OST.

From the Facebook posts of team ‘Kabaar Khana’, it can also be seen that right after Dafa Ho Jao Tum, another short film called Gulzar, based on the taboos of walled cities will be released, with social media star Tamkenat Mansoor in the leading role.